Brokk machines are highly versatile and powerful robots exclusively designed to fulfill any complex controlled demolition project. These demotion robots are perfect for job sites where vibrations, noise, toxic fumes, and accessibility are a major concern such as educational building, hospital, factory and supermarket to name a few.

The manufacturer has an extensive line-up of demolition robots including Brokk 50, 90, 100, 165, 180 and 330. Meaning, there is no single challenge a demolition project may have that a Brokk machines can’t overcome. These machines are operated remotely by a trained operator; thus it is the safest and most viable controlled demolition technology we have today.

Brokk demolition machines are designed such that they can work with a wide fleet of other attachments like hydraulic jaws, percussive breakers, excavation loading buckets and powerful concrete milling tools. Unlike the traditional demolition technology, Brokk machines are electrically powered, thus ensure fume-free demolition operations.

It is also worth noting here that Brokk machines are remotely operated so there are no potential safety threats to the field demolition contractors. If you need partial demolition of an existing building such that the crushers don’t cause any damage to the remaining part of the property you want to keep intact, Brokk robots are the answer.

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What Makes Brokk Robots a Lucrative Choice For Demolition Contractors

What Traits Make Brokk Machines The Most Powerful Demolition Robots

Following are some major advantages brought to the table by Brokk demolition robots that make them the no.1 choice of controlled demolition service providers.

  • As no site supervisor or operator is needed at the exact job site area, this adds to the overall safety quotient of the operation. The contractor can operate the robots from a remote distance, staying far off from the demolition zone; so there is no safety risk associated with the job due to falling debris.
  • Opting for Brokk machines makes it considerably easier for contractors to control the demolition zone. Brokk robots make the site more in control of the demolition contractor.
  • These machines run on electro-hydraulic sources, and thus can ensure fume-free demolition of structures.
  • Use of Brokk machines for demolition projects adds to the health and safety management of the work site.
  • Brokk robots are quite compact in size, thus they can easily enter confined spaces. These robots can also walk stairs and travel in the elevators, so there is no corner of the building these machines can’t access.
  • Whether it is concrete, masonry or metal, Brokk demolition machines can crunch almost any building material. And the great news is they make minimal noise. The robots come with several changeable attachments to fulfill different project demands. For example, hydraulic jaws are one of the most commonly used Brokk attachments which can efficiently crunch reinforced concrete up to 550mm depth. Buckets can be used to clear the debris post operation.

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There is no doubt Brokk robots are the most resource-efficient, environment-friendly and efficient remote controlled demolition technology we have today. If you have a demolition project on hand and want to benefit of the advantages offered by Brokk robots, visit a local Brokk demolition contractor today.