world longest bridgeThere are number of longest bridges but here i m going to give the details of top ten longest bridges in the world.which is amazed and interesting to know the real length of the bridges.These details are under my best knowledge and the measurement are as possible as accurate.It may be differ and there is no standard systems for measuring the length of bridges.As i studied about the bridges and giving you the details in meters and country where it is situated.The most interested thing i find in the study of the bridges in the world is that the most of the longest bridges from the list of top ten bridges in the world are situated in China and from this top ten list all the oldest longest bridges are situated in USA.So below are the list of top ten longest bridges in the world.Most of the top ten longest bridges in the world are of these countries China, USA and Thailand.

List of top ten longest bridges in the world:-

S.No.Bridge  Name Length(metres)CountryCompleted
in Year
1Danyang Kushan Grand  Bridge164000China2010
2Tianjin Grand bridge113700China2010
3weihe Grand Bridge79732China2008
4Banga Na Expressway 54000Thailand2000
5Beijing Grand Bridge48153China2010
6Lake Pontchartrain Causeway38422USA1956
7Manchac Swamp Bridge36710USA1970
8 Yangchun bridge 35812China2007
9Hangzhou bay Bridge35673China2007
10Runyang Bridge35660China2005