The advancement in the field of science and technology has change the face of transportation all over world over the years. Ever since the industrial revolution and globalization took place there transfer of technology and sciences has become a common scenario all over the world. This is in turn up lifting the faces of developing countries who are the keen investors and developers of the world, and India is also among these developing nations whose prime focus at the present state is to up lift its face of transportation from a state of orthodox to super hi-tech state. Here Explore Civil is going to provide a list of top five railway tunnels that are built across various regions of India. So below are the list of top five railway tunnels in India.

Top Five Railway Tunnels In India

1. Pir Panjal Railway Tunnel :

Pir Panjal Railway Tunnel

Pir Panjal Railway Bridge is also known as Banihal railway tunnel which is at top in the list of top most railway tunnels in India. Its length makes it uniqueness among other railway tunnels in India. It is a 11,215 meter (11.215 km) bridge located in the region of Jammu and Kashmir in Pir Panjal Range of middle Himalayas. Constructed under Indian Railways, this broad gauge railway was opened in June 2013 which starts from Banihal and ends at Hillar Shahabad. The average elevation of this 11,215 meter long railway tunnel is 1,760 meter. The tunnel is 8.40 meter wide and 7.39 meter high.

2. Karbude (T-35):

Karbude tunnel is at second in the list of top longest railway tunnels in India. This tunnel is located on the Konkan Railway route near Ratnagiri in Maharashtra. Constructed under Indian Railways dream projects, and opened in1997 the karbude tunnel is located in the region which is lavished with lush green areas. The tunnel is 6506 meter long. The tunnel starts from Ukshi and ends at Bhoke.

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3. Nathuwadi Tunnel (T-6):

Nathuwadi Tunnel (T-6)

Nathuwadi tunnel is located in Maharashtra, in an area which falls under the Western Ghats and comes under Zonal railway of Konkan. This railway zone of india is considered to have one of the most mesmerizing landscape views as the whole area is covered with natural beauty. It is the third largest Railway tunnel constructed under the Indian Railways which was opened in 1997. The length of railway tunnel is 4389 meter. The tunnel start from the Karanjadi station and ends at Diwan Khavati station. Nathuwadi Tunnel is also unique tunnel among the list of top railway tunnels in India and it is at 3rd position in the list of longest railway tunnels in India.

4. Tike (T-39):

Tike (T-39)

It is at fourth in the list of longest railway tunnels in India situated in the region of Ratnagiri, Maharashtra. This artefact of india was constructed by Indian railway was opened in 1997, which is 4077 meter long and reside in the coordinates of 16*58’17’’N 73*24’41’’E.

5. Berdewadi (T-49):

Berdewadi (T-49)

The Berdewadi tunnel is the five longest railway tunnels in India constructed under the Indian Railways, which was completed in year 1998. The tunnel is located in the state of Maharashtra and also a part of Konkan railway train route. The tunnel starts from the Adavali station and ends at Vilwade station, which all together covers 4000 meter of tunnel length. The tunnel is situated in the coordinate of 16*52’38’’N 73*36’32’’ E.

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