Test To Check The Consistency of Cement


vicat_apparatusTo find required amount of water for making the paste of cement for the consistency of cement.

Apparatus required for the consistency of cement

 Vicat apparatus is required to know the consistency of cemnet.


The consistency of cement is that when the vicat plunger penetrates to the cement mould kept inside the vicat mould to 5-7mm from the bottom of the vicat mould.


(i)Take 400g of cement and mix it with the weighed quantity of water.The time for making the paste should be 2-3 minutes for the consistency of cement
(ii)Fill the cement paste in the vicat mould and level it by the trowel.
(iii)Now slowly lower down the Plunger to touch the mould surface.
(iv)Allow the Plunger to sink into the paste to know the consistency of cement.
(v)Note down the reading of the gauge  to know the actual value for the consistency of cemenet.
(vi)If the gauge reading comes 5-7mm then it is fine and if it not comes then again take the fresh cement of same weight and different weighed of water until the reading comes 5-7mm on the gauge.It is the standard consistency of cement.

Calculations for the consistency of cement

Percentage of standard consistency Of Cement=Weight of water added/weight of cement X 100


Percentage of water content for the standard consistency of cement = %
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