The fineness of cement is one of governing property of cement for determining the strength that the cement could attain after hardening. It is a well-known fact that cement is excellent in resisting the compressive force. But the compressive strength of cement is dependent on the particle size distribution of the cement which is determined by sieve test procedure to check fineness of cement. The fineness of cement is a measure test by which the particle sizes of the cement is determined.
sieve test procedure to check fineness of cement
This method is also known as Sieve Analysis Test or Sieve Test Procedure to determine the fineness of cement.The properties of cement are determined from some tests. These tests either related to the physical or chemical property of the cement. Some of the most important test performed to determine the properties of cement are as follows:-

Sieve Analysis Test Method

The sieve analysis test method has two types:

  • Dry Sieve Analysis procedure
  • Wet Sieve Analysis procedure  


To determine the fineness of cement by Sieve Test Procedure.

Apparatus Used In The Experiment Are:-

i) Standard balance,
ii) 90 micron IS sieve and
iii) A brush.

Theory Of The Experiment:-

  • Fineness test is done to check the grained or size of cement particle for fine construction of a building or any structure by performing sieve test procedure.
  • The fineness of cement or sizes of the particle is measured by passing cement sample through the 90 micron IS sieve. The portion of cement whose grain size is larger than the specified mesh size thus determined.

Sieve Test Procedure For Fineness Of Cement

  • Take a certain amount of cement sample and make free from lumps by breaking down.
  • Weigh accurately 10.0 g of cement with the help digital weighing machine.
  • Place it on the 90 microns IS sieve having a collecting plate fixed at the bottom and
  • Agitate the sieve gently for 2 minutes.
  • After stirring the sieve measure the collected residue on the collecting plate with the help of a digital weighing machine and take it as W1.
  • Brush out all the fine materials left on the sieve manually.
  • Repeat the sieve test procedure for one more times and calculate the mean as a percentage expressed to the nearest 0.1 percentage.


Percentage Weight of residue = Weight of sample left on the sieve/Total weight of the sample


The result of the experiment for checking the fineness is calculated by measuring the percentage weight of left residue. 

Precaution Of Sieve Test Procedure

(i) All lumps should be broken down for the experiment to check the fineness of cement.
(ii) Sieving should be done by holding the sieve in both hand.
(iii) Weighing of cement should be done carefully.
(iv) Sieving should be continuously for 15 minutes, or it can be done by manually or mechanically.
(v) At last also, weighing of left residue should be done carefully.

Effect Of Fineness on Cement Paste

  • The fineness test is performed to determine the particle size distribution of cement.
  • The compressive strength of cement is dependent upon the particle size distribution.
  • The hydration rate of cement is a factor of particle size distribution. Moreover, the heat of hydration increased, the peak of hydration heat brought forward and induction period shortened with the increased fineness of the cement.
  • The strength of cement, especially the early strength significantly increased.
  • A porosity of cement paste is reduced with the increase of cement fineness.