Below are the list of top ten tallest building in the world as of 2014. In this list you find the Burj Khalifa is the top tallest building in the world. But at the 9th and 10th position the Petronas tower remain at the top for many years since 1998 to 2004. Although in this list maximum have beat the record of one another.
  • Recently Shanghai Tower beat the record of Makkah Royal Clock Tower Hotel.
  • One World Trade Center beat the record of Taipei 101 Tower, Shanghai World Finance Center, International Commerce Center and Petronas Towers
top ten tallest building in the world

List Of Top Ten Tallest Building In The World

S.NO.BuildingHeight(m)FloorsCountry Year
1.Burj Khalifa828 m163UAE2010
2.Shanghai Tower632 m121China2014
3.Makkah Royal Clock Tower Hotel610 m120Saudi Arabia2012
4.One World Trade Center541 m104USA2014
5.CTF Finance Center530 m111China2016?
6.Taipei 101 Tower509 m101Taiwan2004
7.Shanghai World Finance Center492 m101China2008
8.International Commerce Center484 m118Hong Kong2010
9.Petronas Tower 1452 m88Malaysia1998
10.Petronas Tower 2452 m88Malaysia1998

Note – The ? mark indicates that the building is under construction but it is determined as the tallest building in the world and remain at 5th.The completion year of CTF Finance tower is 2016