GATE (Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering) has seen a rise in the number of applicants over the recent past, mainly due to the mandating of a valid GATE score by PSU’s. Clearing GATE with a good rank opens up an ocean of possibilities for a candidate. A good rank can fetch you a job at a PSU, or a Masters Degree (M.Tech., M.E., M.S. etc). But to crack the exam, it is essential to know how to prepare for GATE exam. Because a well-planned strategy helps you to achieve your goals.

How to prepare for GATE

Everyone knows what is GATE exam and this rise in the number of applicants which has tremendously increased the competition level in the examination and therefore, a very sincere and objective study is essential for a good rank.

If you see the GATE 2016 toppers result, their results will show you that how much effort they put into getting good marks.

I have tried to summarize the major areas which prove to be crucial in the preparation of GATE. However, the list is not exhaustive. The following tips will help you to know that how to prepare for GATE.

Know How To Prepare For GATE

Know How To Prepare For GATE

Motivation: An essential requirement to crack any exam. You need to have the confidence that you can crack the exam, and you are ready to do hard work for that. It is the first fundamental part well to known by you when you are going to know how to prepare for gate exam.

Study Material: Very basic requirement. Usually, a coaching provides you the relevant study material or books for GATE exam preparation, which is in coherence with the syllabus. Reading out all the books may not prove to be as beneficial from the point of clearing the exam.

Coaching: If you have enrolled in a coaching, well and good. If not, it’s nothing to worry about. The coachings surely provide you a relevant direction and study material, at the end of the day what matters the most is YOUR hard work.

Study Everything: In the initial stages, make sure you study everything at your coaching with concentration. College curriculum is similar to GATE pattern too, if you pay attention at the college too, that is even more beneficial.

Revise and Repeat: Revise daily. That way it won’t look much of a burden. And you’ll feel the increase in the ability to retain facts.

Observe: Arrange the previous year papers of the exam, and try to observe the trends in the questions. Try to make out the topics which have the maximum weightage, the topics which are asked very frequently, the topics which are easier but still have a considerable weightage, etc. That will help you in the long run. Make sure you work with maximum effort on the relevant topics.

Take Care of Yourself: Make sure you sleep well and eat well. A proper state of body ensures you study and grasp well.

NEVER Bunk the Classes: The ones who do, will feel the loss much later in their life. More so, a missed class will create a void in the concepts, and you won’t be able to relate well to the next classes. While it is not the fundamental part to know how to prepare for GATE exam but this is the part which every GATE aspirants or candidates should avoid.

Time Management: Time is considered to be the key to success. You must manage your time according to your preparation for the exam. Many of you also have a query that how to prepare for GATE in 3 months? It’s not possible to prepare yourself within 3months for the exam. You have to stick to your schedule from the very beginning when you have committed to yourself to crack it. Therefore, proper time management is required to achieve your goal.

Handwritten Notes: It is good to keep your handwritten notes. It helps in memorizing facts and come handy at the revision time as well. Please make them with utmost sincerity.

As the exam time comes closer, increase the frequency of revision. Revise subject wise notes, and repeat. Repeat till saturation. The more you revise, the more confident you’ll get.

Online Calculator: It is not the same as the good old scientific calculator. It is rather a very weak calculator that is unable to perform complex calculations. Practice the calculator online, and practice it sufficiently.

Mock Test Series: It is an essential part of your preparation. Everyone studies everything, so everyone can solve everything at his home on the study table easily. But not everyone can handle the pressure of the exam when all of your previous year’s preparation is at stake, and the clock is ticking continuously. To get used to the feel of the exam, it is essential to join a good test series and make sure you attempt a sufficient number of tests. Now you all knows the main fundamentals that how to prepare for GATE exam.

Finally, just have confidence in yourself to built your career in civil engineering or any other disciplines. The candidates who do well in the exam are like you only; they just do things with more dedication. So make sure you are dedicated enough towards the goal. Follow the study plan religiously and there will be nothing between you and success, except time. All the best!