how to build your own house step by stepBefore building your own home firstly you should know how to build your own house step by step ? It is important to know the construction procedure of you home and for calculating the budget of your own. Many people prefers builder or contractors for assigning the home project. But when you move or go to the builder or engineers must ask them and know to how to build your own house step by step ?

You will also must ask for your ease of construction. Builders and engineers also ask you the budget of yours to know how to build your own house step by step. However the construction steps or procedure differs from place to place and builder to builder or engineers to engineers. Firstly you should confirm the way of construction to them.

Know How to build Your Own House Step by Step

Engineers or builders firstly make a plan of your home by knowing the plot specification and then they draft the project through computer software. Must be keeping your budget on their mind. Before drafting they will confirm you what specification of construction you need. Means that how many bedrooms, bathroom and halls you required. According to your ease they draft the plan of your own house and then you came to know how to build your own house step by step ?

How to build Your Own House Step By Step Procedure

1. Preparing ground site and excavation work – This is the first step to know how to build your own house step by step ? The first steps involved to build your own home is to prepare the ground site for construction. Firstly by the help of backhoe or bulldozers, must clean the ground by removing the tree, rocks etc. and give finishes to the ground accurately leveled. Then You must proceed for the excavation work and excavate the ground for foundation work according to the plan and wall projections. The foundation may be of different types which planned according to the region. Also in the same manner footing will be done to carry and transfer the load of the building to the ground.

2. Soil Test and Treatment – Before going for foundation work one should must test the soil by checking it through the various geotech experimental process. And according to the experiment of the result, the soil should be treated.

Following test are conducted :- 

3. Foundation and Footing Work – This is the third step to know how to build your own house step by step ? After excavating the ground, the foundation of the home will be prepared to bear the upper structure of the building. After the foundation, you should wait for few days to cured it. Curing gives sufficient strength and ductility to the foundation. The footings of the column will be also done on same step to transfer the load of super structure of the building.

Following foundation can be input :-

4. Ready the Skeleton of House – The skeleton of houses are basement, walls and roofs. This walls can be of brick walls. Basement is completed with concrete work to get less rear and tear. the concrete work provides strength and toughness to the components. Roof should be design according to the required beams to bear the load of building as dead load also to bear the live loads.

5. Feeding the Doors and Windows – The feeding of doors and windows are done to make separate rooms and taking the advantage of nature through the window like sunlight, fresh air etc. Doors or windows can be of wooden blocks which finished up properly.

6. Input the Plumbing System and Electrical Wiring- This is the sixth step but not the last step to know how to build your own house step by step ? While constructing the above skeleton works, the space should be left for plumbing action and passing the pipes through the wall holes and for gutter purpose. Also keeping in mind that the electrical wiring should be done. So it can be done by cutting the walls as required dimensions. It is insulated with the plaster of walls.

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How to Build Your Own House Step By Step and Finishing Procedure

Finishing work will be done all over the house. Its costs nothing much as the costlier component of house or home are feeding beams and columns. While knowing how to build your own house step by step helps you to save your budget. As column are reinforced with steel rods and also the beam are reinforced.

1. Finishing of floors :- This is the first step of finishing procedure to know how to build your own house step by step ? The finishing of floors are done by putting tiles or marbles or may be wooden plywood. It provides ductility to the surface. Also it looks pleasant while you walk on the surface of the building house.

2. Bathroom Finishing :- In finishing of bathroom, plumbing work is required to put taps. Also there tiles are used for surfacing it and for the walls also. As tiles are non porous thats why tiles are most common which is used in bathroom finishing works.

3. Stair Finishing :- The stair of the house should not be slippery and shiny. The stair should be accurately heighten and widen. So that one should feel ease while walking through the stairs.

5. Finishing of walls :- This is the last step of the procedure to know how to build your own house step by step ? Firstly finishing of walls includes plastering of walls and painting of walls. According to the pleasant atmosphere the color of the wall should be decided and painted over the wall. It should be light color which sounds pleasant and recreational.