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M.Tech Courses for Civil Engineering

Master of technology or M.Tech courses in different branches of engineering has become an important qualification on to be added. After the completion of graduation degree of...

Types of bridges

Bridges are the point of construction where it have large span or it bridging the span gaps over a long distance.It have an idea of joining two...

Test To Check The Consistency of Cement

Aim To find required amount of water for making the paste of cement for the consistency of cement.Apparatus required for the consistency of cement  Vicat apparatus is required to...

Vicat Apparatus – Initial and Final Setting Time Of Cement

Vicat Apparatus is a device used to determine the consistency and setting time of cement. Consistency and setting time of cement are significant degrees of consideration for...

Sieve Test Procedure To Check Fineness Of Cement

The fineness of cement is one of governing property of cement for determining the strength that the cement could attain after hardening. It is a well-known fact...

Soundness Test Of Cement

What is soundness test of cement? It is probably one of the most significant and relevant queries that arise in our mind whenever we discuss the characteristics...

Methods And Types Of Pointing

In our earlier post we have discussed about plastering and what is pointing. In this article you will get details of method and types of pointing. Lets...

Types Of Walls In Building

While constructing a walls one should now the types of walls. According to types of walls one should constructt walls for the purpose of supporting or partition....


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