Affiliate marketing is best for Indian Students in 2023 – Step by Step Guide

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If you are a student and looking for a way to earn money without investing any money, then you are in the right place. And the best way to do that is through affiliate marketing, through which you can earn up to Rs. 50k to Rs. 1 lakh. Depending on your skills and experience.

What is affiliate marketing?  

Affiliate marketing is a marketing technique where you get a commission for each sale of a product that you promote. To put things into perspective, you act like a middleman between a seller and a buyer.

Why is affiliate marketing best for Students?

Unlike, creating a website for blogging, where you have to invest money to buy a domain and a hosting server. In affiliate marketing, you don’t have to spend even a little money to get started. There are many students, especially in India, who go to other cities for further study, for which they need pocket money. In that case, affiliate marketing could be the best option because you can become an affiliate marketer from the comfort of your home and also start with zero investment.

 How to start affiliate marketing with no money, step by step?

      Step 1:  Sign up for Affiliate Marketing. Here are some of my suggestions that you can follow.

  1. Amazon Associate Program
  2. Flipkart  Program
  3. Kukufm partner program
  4. Digitstore24

Step 2: Once you join the program, search for the products that resonate with you. Always make sure to share those products that you have ideas about. This will help you gain trust with the buyers.

Step 3: Sharing the products: You can share the products through YouTube, Facebook, Instgram and other medium.

 How to start affiliate marketing without website

In the past I had tried my butt off to sale a product in Face book. If you are content and you have a good number of followers you can get some success here and there. But, if you are trying to sale products by jointing a Face book group. Then, I will guess you better change the idea as because selling products is a numbers game if want conversation from 20k a month for example you will need at least 1 lakh traffic.Now, don’t get sacred by reading the traffic volume. If you know 80/20 principle you will understand what I am talking about 80% products bring 20% profit and 20% products bring 80% profit vice versa.

I would suggest you to go for YouTube or create a Podcast at Anchor, now called Spotify for Podcasters.  Let’s look at them one by one

 YouTube: There are many you tubers who are earning a good amount of money by promoting products  through their channel.  

Practical tip: When you are promoting a product, make sure to talk about it in details plus don’t forget to talk about its pros and cons. Always remember this there are two types of audience one who will watch the video for entertainment, one who will watch for the video to buy that product. And also add relevant tags plus good thumbnail these will definitely going to help you reach more audience.   

Quora: It has over 300+ million active users. Here is the best part of Quora: you can share endless links. Don’t just copy and paste the link without answer the question this could lead you to permanent ban of your account.  Always make sure to answer and a question before pasting a link.

Practical tip: With Chat gpt and Google bard you and generate endless answer for you are question. Before you think about answering any question, check to see whether it has recently begun or not. If it has not been followed recently, don’t answer because that will be a waste of time.  

Podcast:  Podcast is a new age medium to consumed content. Podcasting is getting so popular these days around the world because it is raw and unfiltered. You can create a podcast based on your expertise. To create a podcast for free you can go for Anchor now called Spotify for Podcasters.

Practical tip:  Let’s take my example I have a podcast related to mindset. So! I can share books and products that are related to my niche. Some time, when you talk about too much about you are affiliate product could make people bore. So! keep that in mind.


  •  Can I really make money with affiliate marketing?

 Yes! You can make money from affiliate marketing. For that, you must be willing to work hard and grow loyal followers. And try and experiment by sharing the affiliate links on different   social media platforms.

  • Is affiliate marketing safe?

Yes! It is 100% safe and anyone can join an affiliate marketing program and start earning money.

  • Is affiliate marketing worth it in 2023?

Yes! According to the report from demand sage “The Global Affiliate Marketing Industry is worth over $17 Billion. The current global market size of affiliate marketing is over $17 billion. ”—sources demandsage

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